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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The sagas continue

I haven’t mentioned the dental situation all week….. yep, problems!  The socket where the tooth came out of has throbbed constantly all week, and my jaw has really been hurting.  I’ve even got a yellowy bruise on my chin !  Painkillers helped to keep the pain down but I thought the gum might have got infected.  Yesterday I decided to phone the dentist.  The receptionist reckoned it might be a dry socket, and gave me an appointment for this morning.

Well, yes, it was a dry socket that was a bit infected, so the dentist poked around at it – ouch, ouch -  washed it out –ouch - and packed it with some antiseptic stuff  - ooh ouch - that should stop it hurting and stop “debris”  getting in!   There must have been some anaesthetic in it too as it numbed my mouth a little, but at last it has settled down – and guess what?  It doesn’t hurt any more!  Don’t know if that’s just the anaesthetic but what a difference!  However, maybe I should reserve judgement till tomorrow!

I told you a while back about the gas leak I reckoned I had in the living room after the fire was moved?  After a day or two I began to smell gas when I came into the room so called the gas services, who came and told me there was a leak where the inflow pipe joined the back of the fire.  I called the gas fitter back who tested the meter and could find no drop in pressure that would indicate a leak.  A few days later I was calling him again, but again the test showed nothing.   This time though, he fitted an isolation valve so I could turn off the gas supply to the fire and still have the central heating and the cooker working, but there’s still a smell when I come into the room.

Well, today I have the man here who does the annual service on the gas boiler and the fire.  I explained the history so he has tried to test the supply with a machine that bleeps when gas is detected.  It showed nothing.  “Just to show you it does work,” he told me, “I’ll switch on the gas but not light it, and show you what happens.”  So he did, and what happened?  ….Nothing!  Not a single bleep!  Nowt!  Not a sausage!   So he tried it on the gas cooker.  Gas on, not a bleep!  Well not a bleep from the machine!  One or two from the mannie himself  though – &%^*$ !   It seems his bleeping machine is broken!!!  However, he is now servicing the boiler that heats the water in the radiators and taps, so here’s hoping he gets that right!  I just don’t have a lot of faith in him.  He’s a bit of a Jack the Lad, a cocky beggar.  I remember last time he was here he fell down the attic ladder and broke its fittings and also the light in the hall!  He was being cocky then!

Now he’s testing the meter, and muttering to himself.  He was singing “I’m forever blowing bubbles” earlier….  and he’s just told me he reckons I do have a miniscule leak, but it might be in the fire itself.  I feel a few bleeps coming on!  Apparently there is a tiny drop in pressure at the meter but in normal circumstances that would be quite acceptable in a test.  However, because I have said I can smell gas, it is no longer acceptable, and he has to turn the fire off and put up a warning notice not to use it!  Now I am going to have to get in touch with the guy who sold me the fire and see if I can get the agent to do some checking up! Oh, bleep! bleep!!  I can still use the central heating for warmth though!  Thank goodness for that!

To be continued….

Talk again soon.

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