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Friday, 5 March 2010


Well, it wasn’t such a bad day weatherwise, after all!  Just as well really, as this afternoon the U3A Gardening group came to my garden to give me advice as to what I should do with it!   We met first this afternoon at Rosemary’s house for a talk by Ailsa on garden design.   She gave us tips on how to get started on garden design, e.g. thinking about how you want to use your garden , and what you want in it; what kind of style do you want it to be; what atmosphere do you want to create…...

Drawing a plan is important, thinking about the formality or informality and the balance of the plan, the use of different zones…..

After questions and discussion we had a cup of tea in Rosemary’s beautiful period house, once the house of the old British Linen Bank’s manager, and then the group split into two so that only a few people could come down to my garden at once!  I had loads of advice and suggestions from both groups, so I have a lot to think about.  Afterwards I sat in the garden – it wasn’t warm – and looked around, thinking and planning!  Could I do this?  How would I do that?  There’s one thing!  I’ll need a strong man to do some of the heavy work!  Now where can I find one of those?

Talk again soon.

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