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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

If it’s not one thing… it’s another!

snow march 002 The view from my windows this morning!Well, I suppose the forecasters did say it would snow.  We  just didn’t expect them to be so right!  They often aren’t!   As if we haven’t had enough of the stuff.  However it seems to have hit right across Scotland and Northern Ireland, so we’re not alone.  In fact it has been really bad in some areas with at least one fatality.   At least one consolation is that the snow can’t go on for months now.  Actually it’s already turning to rain.

However, what else happened this morning?  I turned on the hot tap in the kitchen and let the water run a bit to heat up… but it didn’t – heat up, that is!  I just presumed it would need no more than a climb up to the attic to reset the button on the boiler  - which was serviced just three weeks ago – but it wouldn’t reset!  I read the manual, checked that I was doing the right thing – which I was.  Tried it again, and again nothing!

A call to the service company resulted in an appointment being made for…… Saturday.   SATURDAY!  So until then, I have no heating or hot water… again!

and no fire either of course!

Talk again soon. 

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