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Monday, 1 March 2010

Another wee jaunt

It was trying to snow again this afternoon, in occasional dreary flurries and although this morning I had thought of going for a walk around Kailzie Gardens, a couple of miles along the Traquair road, to look at the snowdrops, I kind of changed my mind and decided on a cosy afternoon beside the fire, with my book – I’m reading the second of Carol Drinkwater’s trilogy about her olive farm in Provence.

1210 Text message from Morag: “We’re going to the organic place soon. Wanna come?”  I wasn’t sure where she was talking about, but I agreed all the same!  It sounded interesting.

1215 “Meet you outside the bank at 1.00.” she texted back. 

So, just after 1.00 she and I, driven by her hubby Mike, were on our way heading west out of Peebles in the direction of West Linton.  whitmuir organics 001 The snow was only on the hills at first but as we got a few miles out of town we had snow along by the roadside and when we reached whitmuir organic farm the Organic farm and shop it was quite deep and still snowing, as the farm sits on the edge of the Leadburn Moor, the highest point between Edinburgh and Peebles.  A brand new building confronted us as we pulled into the car-park, a purpose built replacement for the very small old byre that had served as shop to begin with.  As well as selling their own organic products, pork, beef, lamb and veggies, they sell cheese, paté, yoghurt and other goods they get locally or import from various different countries.  We had a good look round as we contemplated lunch!whitmuir organics toad There is also a gallery selling paintings, sculptures, and jewellery – at great expense, I may add.  Loved this little bronze toad, but not its price tag – and the fairly large tearoom we had decided to try but which was full when we  arrived.  We got a table eventually and ordered soup and bread for lunch.  Nice flavours but not very hot!

So, after a bit of organic shopping we climbed back into the car amid a heavy snowfall, and headed back home, seeing the snow gradually get less and less again.  It may get frosty tonight but the forecasts seem to indicate that the next few days will be bright, so here’s hoping!

Talk again soon.

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Polly said...

What a sweet post!! I almost feel as if I had gone there with you. I love your blog. It is so personal, like that of an old friend. I will follow you, so I don't miss anything!!