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Monday, 10 August 2009

Some more of Jean’s photos

I think Jean liked having her photos on the blog as she’s sent me some more.  There’s another of her “robin” series, and the rest were taken at the North Berwick Highland Show recently.


She calls this one Foot tapper. Now I didn’t know that robins tap their feet, although I did know they had blue feathers!




So what else would you find at a Highland Games?  Aren’t these pleats amazing.  Wikipedia has lots of information on kilts here.  I think it dispels a few myths as well, and confirms the tradition of what to wear under the kilt.  As the old joke used to go – Nothing is worn under the kilt. Everything is in perfect working order.  sporrans

A man’s kilt has to be worn with a sporran, Gaelic for purse, and there are plenty of designs to choose from.  The sporran would originate in the leather pouch that early wearers of the big kilt would have had attached to their belt. 




Here’s a wee kiltie.  I hope he grows up happy to wear the kilt often.  I love to see a man in a kilt, and today’s day to day wear doesn’t need to be as formal as it used to be.  Well, just look at this wee guy’s outfit!  Nothing wrong with that, is there?


Another wee symbol of Scotland – the West Highland Terrier, or Westie as we call them for short.



The Shows (fairground) are a modern day addition to the likes of predominantly lowland Highland Games.  They have all sorts of rides as well as stalls, and here’s a group of youngsters being thrown around a bit on one of the rides.  They look like they are enjoying the experience, though I have to say I’d probably feel quite sick if it was me on one of these!

So, there we are!  Thanks Jean.  I think I will have to persuade her to do her own blog to show off her pictures as I’m sure she has lots to show off!  I know she has some lovely photos she has entered into her local camera club competitions.  Her camera is always in readiness -  a bit like my own really!!

Talk again soon.

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Mary said...

The little guy in the kilt is soooooooo SWEET...!!!
Well done to your sister says me.