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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A concert tonight!

Today, Ash and Jack were back to finish off the windows and door facings, and lay decking on the balcony.  I had thought of putting down slate tiles out there but decking sounded like a good idea, and it looks great!  Now I just have to render a few spiders homeless by vacuuming up all the webs and nests  from the corners and angles, get my table and chairs and the pot plant out there, and Bob’s your proverbial uncle!

There was one problem solved today as well.  I had asked that all the thresholds be flat – wheelchair access, they call it - but the front door had been installed with a raised one that I hadn’t noticed while all the dust sheets were down, and which meant stepping over a 3 inch high bar and down a 5 inch step all in one.  I – with MY feet - would soon trip over that, and I don’t fancy heading down the steps head first, so it had to be changed.  Ash took the door and facings etc off, took away the offending threshold, did what he had to do to make the entrance acceptable, which meant lowering the door slightly from its original position.  The gap now at the top of the door was filled with foam that sets hard, and the whole doorway faced beautifully with uPVC, as was the step to the threshold!  It all looks grand, and although it is still not completely flat like the balcony threshold, it is a minimal step over now!  Does that all make sense to you? 

So, they come back briefly tomorrow morning to add some sealant to one doorway, having run out of the stuff today.  They should have had plenty but this morning when they collected the tubes from stores, someone must have put the wrong thing on the wrong shelf so they picked up what they thought was the right thing but turned out to be the wrong thing!  So they just ran short of the amount they needed!  They have really been great over the last week.  Nothing has been too much trouble and the doorstep dilemma was greeted with a cheery “No problem! We’ll get that fixed!”

So, as for that concert I mentioned before!  ericbogleEric Bogle, from Peebles and living in Adelaide, South Australia, since 1967,

and his musical mate,  John Munro, were in concert tonight at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh.  I couldn’t get tickets for the hometown concert in September, as they have been sold out since February, so if I was going to get to hear his last concert it would have to be tonight in Edinburgh.  The Queens Hall used to be a church, not quite in the round, but more in a narrow horseshoe!  Viewing performers is not always easy, especially if you’re up in the gallery, and the seating is far from comfortable!  However the music and singing was great, the craic/crack (remember?)  likewise, but to be honest it was a little disappointing in that it only lasted about an hour and was over before you realised!  I know they have a gruelling 3-month tour round the UK, but it is the last tour they’ll be doing,so I expected more.   I know the hometown concert will be brilliant, which makes it feel so much worse!  Oh well! Have to keep on buying the CDs!

Talk again soon.

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Mary said...

Glad you got that step sorted by those lovely 'fellas'...!!!