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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

My sister’s photos today.

I want to show off my sister’s photos today.  She has a proper camera, unlike my little point-and-shoot Casio, so takes far better photos than I can.  She sent me these today!

First of all is Peek-a-boo!   peek-a-boo Medium Web viewIsn’t he so cute?  I love robins!  Used to have an extremely tame one in my garden a few years ago that used to come and feed from my hand, and for years I collected plates, mugs, pictures, ornaments… anything with a robin on i!.  I kept my favourites from the collection when I moved house but sadly I haven’t got anywhere to display them yet, so they’re still wrapped up in a box in the attic.   Anyway this one is Jean’s robin, a wee boy robin if the RSPB have got it right!  They reckon the female robins have a V-shaped brown cap, whereas the males have a U-shaped one.  I’d  say this in a U-shaped one!

So here’s Robbie again, robin close up Medium Web view

and what about this for a close-up!   Just look at those feathers and the colours!robin feathers Medium Web view






This one is amazing – ladybird Medium Web view what we call a ladybird, and many of you will call a ladybug!  That does sound more sensible, but then when they fly I reckon they do look  like tiny birds. 

I love to see ladybirds in my garden, knowing that they are going to eat all the aphids that eat all my plants!  Well, not all of them – aphids OR plants.

One last photo from Jean, and this was to show me the dove she has been making in bobbin lace, and completed just last week.lace dove Medium Web view     She’s so good at all these handcrafts.  I’ve said it before, but she is.  In fact years ago it was a handcraft I took up.  Jean used to tat and do cross stitch so I told her to keep her hands off the bobbins as I wanted something I could do that she didn’t.  She reckoned that was OK as she was enjoying her tatting…. but she just couldn’t help herself, could she!  Visiting me one time she said she had something to show me, and there were her first pieces of handmade lace!  Pretty decent they were too – as I’d expect from her really.  “I just wanted to have a go.” she told me, and she’s been having a go ever since!  She’s far better than me, and has progressed far further than I have, but then she’s got patience for these things!  I just want my lace projects finished – yesterday if possible!  The dove is made in the style of lace called Honiton, a very fine lace where the individual threads are like cobwebs!  I’m too ham-fisted to do anything as fine, though I have had a go – twice!  I once made a tiny treble clef, and much much later I made a wee flower, both  about 2cm tall.  They were enough to convince me to stay with the style I was already working on. I’m not sure how big – or small – the dove is, maybe about 15cm tall, but it’s beautiful, regardless!

Talk again soon.

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