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Friday, 7 August 2009


What a day today!  Anything that could go wrong,  did!  First I couldn’t find my car keys when I was off to the hairdresser’s, so I grabbed the spare key out of a drawer and headed  off to where I parked the car, about a quarter mile away from the house here because parking in Peebles is so diabolical for town residents – but that’s another story.   I normally use one of these plip keys that you direct at the car and click to unlock it.  However the spare key is meant for the keyhole, and it wouldn’t work.  I remembered being told when I got my last car that it was a good idea to use the door keyhole now and again as it could seize up, so that was what I thought had happened…. until I looked at the label attached to the spare key ring. The registration number was that of my previous car.  WRONG KEY!  Had to go home and start hunting.  When I back tracked arriving home yesterday, I did find my normal key ring  where I had dumped it, so back to the car, and off to the hairdresser’s. At least I had plenty of time because my appointment was at 11.30, and I had previously thought it was 11.00.  I arrived at Kim’s, only to find…..

I should have been there yesterday!  My mistake.  I had lost a day somewhere and got the date wrong!  However Kim said she could fit me in to colour my roots – no of course I’m not a natural blonde – but would I be able to dry my hair at home myself, as she had another customer booked in later.  I think she actually gave up her lunchtime for me.  Yes, no problem, so that was fine.  Got the hair done!   Kim washed it and partially dried it so I wouldn’t be dripping all the way home, I left, got back into the car and set off for home.  It was a lovely day so on route I stopped to take some photos for the Peebles blog.  I walked across the road to get the best views and when I came back to the car….  the front offside wheel was as flat as the proverbial pancake!  I was sure it had been OK when I left Kim’s, and I hadn’t even felt it!  It must have happened when I parked.  

All I could do was phone the AA – car rescue and repair – who told me someone would be with me within the hour!   I phoned the shop and told them the story, saying I would probably be late for my shift  at 3.00, but I would get there ASAP, hoping there just might be an AA man round the corner, who would arrive in a few minutes!.  Afterwards I wondered why on earth I hadn’t just left the car, walked home, dried my hair, had some lunch and phoned the AA from there.  However I had to sit in the car, and wait… and wait… and wait…  At about 2.45 I got a text message to say the AA would be with me by 2.55, the time the original hour was up!   I waited…. and waited… and waited…. At 3.20 I phoned the AA again.  The mannie was on his way.  He’d been held up with his previous call-out!  He finally arrived about 3.30, and said he’d been told to look out for a silver BMW, and was glad I had waved him down or he might have driven on!  A BMW?  I wish!  So he fitted the spare wheel, and dumped the flat one in the boot  which I took to the garage right away.  I have to pick it up tomorrow morning.

Of course by this stage, 4.00,  my hair had dried, and my hair without a hairdryer and a brush frizzes!  I was hungry, only having had a couple of pieces of toast and a banana for breakfast, so I was not going to work till I was good and ready.  I knew someone was there who could cover so I wasn’t too bothered.  It was delivery day so “that someone else” could get going with the jobs I would be doing.  I got to work at 5.00 to find the place upside down.  What should have been done in the morning  hadn’t been done, the delivery was all over the floor, and what I did for the rest of the night – till 11.00 – apart from serve the customers, was what should have been done earlier. 

One was not a happy bunny!  I was going to tell you about the concert I was at last night too, but I’ll have to leave it till next time now!  Sorry!

Talk again soon.

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Mary said...

Sure was an EVENTFUL day...!!!