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Saturday, 22 August 2009


to show flood level Well, yesterday was a quiet day.  The river had gone down by the morning though the debris on the edge of the bank showed how much further the water came up – and it wasn’t much.  This is the bit outside my place looking along to Priorsford Bridge.

church and Green




While I was there I turned around and took this picture of the church and the seat I look out at from my window.


55 the back

Then of course I had to take a picture looking back at my house and its new windows.  In case you hadn’t worked it out, my flat is the upper one, and I call this the back of my house as I enter from the other side.  I reckon I have the best back yard in town – and the council looks after it!  Not bad, eh?  I can’t wait for the next sunny day to go and sit out there on the balcony with my cup of tea, to admire it all!!

55 the front


So, of course I have to show you the other side… the front.  It’s looking pretty smart now!


55 closeWhen I came back from my saunter yesterday I took a photo at the top of the close  of the new little flowerbed my newish neighbours have put in.  




kitchen windowThey built an extension to their house, the yellow one you can see through the kitchen window  here, and to fill the space left by removing the old stone wall they put in the  flowerbed and hung baskets above.  It looks very attractive, duart's lilies

and there are some beautiful pink lilies in flower there at the moment.  Stunning!


So, otherwise I didn’t do much at all yesterday except play with a design for a new blog background.  I think you may have to wait a bit to see that, but you never know! 

young thrush2 Nearly forgot!  I’ve been meaning to show you the song thrush that was pecking away at the wild alpine strawberries in Heather’s garden, next to mine, the other day!  Isn’t he/she gorgeous!


So, that’s it for now!

Talk again soon.

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