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Sunday, 27 February 2011

A weekend away

The day after the Fiddler performance I drove down to North Yorkshire to visit Colin for the weekend.   It was a foggy journey, especially on the long climbing road to Carter Bar, the border between Scotland and England.  There was no point in stopping in the visitors’ car park for the views that day!

I arrived at Colin’s  in time to take a look round the garden centre owned by his friends, and landlords, Mark and Janet, where Colin does a lot of the odd jobbing.  It was the first time I had seen it, since its take over and improvement, and I was quite impressed at what they have achieved in less than a year.   They are known in particular for their water gardens and tropical fish!  Not that the tropical fish are kept in the water gardens.  They are inside, in dozens of tanks, big fish, little fish, flat fish, round fish, frilly fish, stripy fish, fish with hats… you name it and it’s probably there!  I have to say I’ve never been much of a fan of fish in tanks, but these were really interesting!  discus I loved the discus fish, and the  orange capped orandas . orange capped oranda 





fighter fish The colours of the frilly fighter fish were stunning, angel fish




and the angel fish followed you serenely from one side of the tank to the other.

The water gardens weren’t really looking their best, but what can you expect for February in Britain?  I’ll look forward to seeing them again in the summer.  However, the settings were nice to look at – paddock water garden2 the Mediterranean garden,


paddock water garden3



the Japanese garden, the garden with the rustic cottage…  paddock watwe garden1


…all with a pond of some sort.

There was a lot to see.  You can take a look at their website here.

Talk again soon.

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