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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Just around the corner!

What is?  Spring is!  Well perhaps we’ll have a bit of a straight stretch first but then it will be Spring!  I’m just hoping that the straight stretch won’t be filled with snow.

january cowslips However in our gardens there are signs!  I can’t believe these cowslips are out just now, jan snowdrops in bloom


but the snowdrops are popping their heads out – just!  Linda says hers, in Edinburgh, are fully out, but then we are a bit higher than Edinburgh so it puts us a bit behind!   My late friend Vina used to say we were three weeks behind Edinburgh. january daffs  I don’t think it’s that much.   A couple of years ago I planted dozens of crocus corms in the garden.  Some came up last year but there’s not a sign at all of crocuses this year!  I think the mice must have gone for them!  Crumbs, I even have daffodils showing – well only the tips of the leaves are showing – so springtime cannot be that far away.  I just wonder what the elements are going to throw at us before then!  Dare I hope for some nice weather! 

A day or three later and I’m continuing where I left off! 

Well, what did the weather do?  It rained… and it rained… and it blew… and it blew!  Luckily there was no damage done around here, but dustbins were tipped over and thrown along the street and anything not tied down out in the street below my windows was blown to who knows where!  The river came up and went down and came up again and flooded its banks - no more really than it did before, thankfully - so now that the rain has stopped there’s more debris along the banks.  Oh and a big tree got stuck on the cauld, while one or two others floated down past my windows!  Thank goodness it’s calm again now, and the sun is threatening to come out!

Yes, Spring is coming!

Talk again soon.


Dragonfly Dreams said...

So happy to hear that the cursed snows have fled your area and that Spring is (soon) on its way!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, my, I'm going to walk around the pasture tomorrow and see if I can see anything comeing up through the melting snow. I enjoyed the photographs... more, please!