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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Having fun!

It was quite a fun day all round the other day, the day I started writing this!  I spent the morning in the charity shop which I always enjoy – I prefer to be in the front shop “behind the counter”, although I don’t actually spend all my time behind it!  Karen the manageress was back after a few months off due to illness, so she was going round the shop sorting things out to her own satisfaction, making sure the standard of the second-hand clothes we sell was good enough, discarding those that were already on the rails that she felt weren’t good enough!  I followed her about, filling the rag bag, as well as doing my usual jobs of tidying and rearranging , and of course serving the customers, and chatting with them.   That’s my favourite bit!

After lunch I was due at the hairdresser’s where Kim coloured my ever-greying roots, and cut my hair about two inches shorter – quite nice, I think.  She works from home so a session there quite often involves a visit from her gorgeous little black cat.  I usually make a big fuss of Fizz if she comes to me, which she did yesterday!  I do love cats!

Back home, I moved some furniture around in my bedroom – still trying to get it properly organised, and then it was time to head off up the road to Newbattle Abbey for the second term of the Gaelic class.  There are five of us continuing this term, and there’s a new student to be joining us at some point, who has already done some of the units we are working on, plus some other Gaelic classes.  It was good to see the others again.

I was home again around 9.30 and began to play on the computer with my digital scrapbooking software.  I don’t have any of the big ones, Photoshop, etc. but I can still create some reasonable elements to add to my pages!  I experimented with making …. now would you call them buttons?  Yes, probably!   Bubble badge buttons, I guess!  Here’s one I made !  Spring





raindrops on limetrees i


The weather is still dreich, but I took a few pics from the window

– like the raindrops on the limetrees…..


the robin feeding at the tray on my balcony…..



blue sky for once!


a bit of BLUE sky!!!!!  Those white clouds didn’t stay around long!  The grey clouds moved in almost immediately.


Today I am meeting up with some of the U3A members who want to learn Italian, and Yours truly is going to teach them!!  We’re just going to bash out the when will we meet and where, and maybe just do a little introductory lesson.  We can decide if the class is be weekly, or whatever?  They are all complete beginners, so are all starting from the same place!  More fun!

Then tonight two friends and I are driving up to Edinburgh to see Fiddler on the Roof, at one of the city’s main theatre, the King’s.  Normally it would have been choir night but Jackie our choir conductor is performing in the show so we’ve got the night off.  However quite a few of us are going to support her at the theatre tonight instead!

I had meant to post this last night so have just added the last couple of paragraphs and am going to press the button now, in case I forget again! 

Talk again soon.

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Dragonfly Dreams said...

I so love to hear about your days (and evenings)! Thanks!
And Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorite plays of all time - not only is there wonderful music/lyrics but a dose of historical story telling too! Hope you had a wonderful time!