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Sunday, 13 February 2011


Something’s happened to the memory cards for my cameras!  At least I hope that’s all it is!  I’ve used the cards in each camera up till now, but the other day I couldn’t get one out of my SLR.  In the end I had to use pliers to pull it out of the slot, and since then, trying it out on my wee compact as well as the SLR, a message has come up  on the camera screen saying the card is write-protected -  and I can’t take a photo.  I’ve tried the other card too in the SLR and the same happens.  I put it back into the compact – can’t use it!    I’ll have to look up the instructions about formatting the cards and see if that will do the trick.  I’m hoping it isn’t something that’s wrong with the SLR!

So no photos until I can sort out the problem!  I’ll go crazy!  The camera goes everywhere with me – just in case an opportunity arises to take a shot!


Last night was the first annual dinner of the  Tweeddale Photographic Group, held at a local hotel.  We were able to eat in a private function room, and after a delicious meal , listened to our guest speaker talking about some of his photographic projects while showing a presentation of his photos.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  I took the opportunity to pick a few people’s brains about my camera problem and it was suggested I look at the side of the memory cards, and jiggle the little toggle, for want of a better word.  When I got home I did that, and it worked – well as far as the compact camera went, but it still doesn’t work in the SLR.   Hmmm!  Doesn’t bode well !

Talk again soon.

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sylviaesther said...

Hi Evee, I am sure someone has already told you, but just in case - there is a little nodule on the side of your sd card. move it to not write protect. maybe when you couldn't get it out it got moved to "write protect". worth a try