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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tweeddale Photography Group’s First Exhibition

The photography group was only started about last Spring, and has just held its first exhibition in the Eastgate Theatre Studio, Peebles.  There was quite a variety of styles and subjects, birds, animals, travel, local….. I just thought this post could show off some of my favourites.  I have to include my own of course! a_blue_view_margaret_jamie_0031







Above are a  blue view by Margaret, and In the shadow of Courvoisier, Jarnac, by me.colchicum_dawyck_jennifer_redfern_001-11  bruggeyellowflowerbike-1_stephen_mathieson1





Colchicum by Jenny (above);  Brugge yellow flower bike, by Stephen MSONY DSC >

<Glencoe lochan, by Chris.

loch coruisk_ruth_maclellan




Loch Coruisk, Skye, by Ruth (right)  Do you remember on my visit to Skye last year I went on the boat trip and was so disappointed when we weren’t allowed to land?  Well, Loch Coruisk (above) was what I had expected to see that day!   That view, maybe taken from a bit to the right, including that rock, was on the wall at home all my life, and it was my ambition to see it for real.  I have been there, but didn’t know where the rock was in relation to the path!  I do now, so I’ll make certain I get there next time!verteuil_evelyn_inglis

<a corner of Verteuil, France(mine) iain mackay

a snowy view, by Iain >






red-in-green by mikuni


Below are Robin, by Barbara, and Mecanopsis, by Ronnie.robin_barbara_furphy   


There were lots more but these were my favourites.  Barbara’s robin was one of three photos she had of him, all framed up together. I love robins!   I have tried to grow mecanopses (mecanopsises?) in my garden, but have never had any success with them.  I suspect this may have been taken at Dawyck Gardens where they have swathes of them.  They are so beautiful!

You should be able to see more of the groups photos on flickr here. and on wordpress here  Quite a talented bunch!

Talk again soon.

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Dragonfly Dreams said...

I Love these pictures, Evee, especially the first one of yours. It looks like a painting! You certainly have a talent!