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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Everything grinds to a halt!

It’s the snow!  Everything’s cancelled.  No photographic group meeting; no French group – that was more because Christelle wasn’t well – no get together to organise theatre visits; no choir practice; no buses!  I was hoping to go down to visit Colin this weekend, but that’s had to be cancelled too.  What is happening to our climate?  Well, I suppose it used to be snowy in winter when I was a kid, but I don’t know if the snow started so early in those days.  This is even earlier than last year’s first falls, by a whole month.

over the garden wall Yesterday I took some more photos of the snow.  It’s so pretty when it’s in a photo!  This is the view over my garden wall of the Parish Church and some of the backs of High Street Buildings…..

loanings crescent




…and this is in one of the newer residential areas of the town.

tweed green in snow

Above is the view from Tweed Bridge, with Tweed Green looking as if it will never be green again, and the River Tweed, not yet iced up, and these two are late afternoon photos of the river on the other side of Tweed Bridge, and looking towards it.winter afternoon2 winter afternoon





It was bitterly cold out!  Temperatures were well below zero all day, and lower at night, and snow has fallen every day.  It’s still snowing now!

Anthony, one of my neighbours, cleared my path and steps today!  I did it the other day, but I found it harder to do the next time, so just walked through the stuff – nice powdery snow, thankfully – when I went out yesterday, wellington boots on over warm socks, trousers rolled up a bit so they didn’t get too wet, sweater, fleecy jacket, scarf and hat – but I forgot the gloves!  Luckily the fleece jacket has long sleeves to pull down over cold fingers, and pockets!  It was cosy enough!

Next time I will show you photos of a very special house I know about in Peebles.  Not a great many people have seen it, but it is a work of art!

Talk again soon.

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Dragonfly Dreams said...

Oh my goodness, Evee! Beautiful but WOW...(excuse my lack of words)!