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Monday, 20 December 2010

Thursday again

cuddy meets tweed In the afternoon I had to go up to the health surgery for a check up at the diabetic clinic.  So I took the riverside walk again – honestly, you’ll know that walk as well as I do soon. hungry ducks


At the point where the Cuddy meets Tweed the ducks were again hopeful of some food, so came running towards me.  Sorry, ducks!walker by tweed

front of hay lodge


This is the front of Hay Lodge, now joined to the modern health centre.  I’d rather like to see inside the old house, but it’s not  accessible to the general public as a rule.  (Wonder if I could persuade someone to allow me a sneak look through the front door sometime?)

Anyway, blood taken; blood pressure and weight checked – oops (to the weight check);  feet prodded for pulses and reaction and it was time to come home again.  reflections on tweedBack along the riverside again  with some more photos taken.  It wasn’t yet 4.00 but the moon was already shining through the treesI see the moon



Not quite full moon yet!  (It is now, as I write)

tweed bridge

Heading down towards the bridge again – right – and just at the cauld I caught sight of a heron – the “presbyterian minister in his long grey coat”


   in the words of the poet Kenneth C Steven - heron


which I watched until he took off, skimming across the top of the water to look for a perch on the river island.the flight of the heron2

above bridge





If I was to go along this way tomorrow, I think I would find all these grasses quite iced up.  There has been no let up in the weather.  In fact it has just got colder and we’ve had another couple of inches of snow.through the arch

I always like the view of this arch of the bridge.  Depending on the weather and the time of year you can either walk through it or you can’t!  After the high water from last weekend’s thaw, at the moment you can’t.  I could have walked through the arch to its left but instead,  took the path up to the bridge, crossed it and came round the corner to the High Street again.  Not yet dark the Christmas lights were on and the street looked quite festive.christmas lights clock the christmas lights

I decided to call the photo on the right - “Clock the lights!”  In case you didn’t get that, to clock something means to take a look at it … and there’s the church clock just behind the lights!  Probably teaching grandmother to suck eggs here!

Talk again soon.

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