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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Fun in the snow

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, still loads of snow of course, but the sort of day - and the sort of snow  - that tempts you out for a walk.  cuddy footbridge Wrapped up against the cold, I went by my favourite route along the river bank,  crossing the bridge over the Cuddy Burn where the ducks were hopeful of getting a morsel to eat from this lone walker,haylodge in snow 



up the steps, turning left past Hay Lodge, and into the park. Climbing the steps away from the river at that point I took the higher path towards the slopes where the kids come to sledge and practise some tentative snowboarding.    There weren’t too many there but those who were there were having the time of their lives!  fun in the snow2a Screams and yells of  delight flew with those sledges down the not too steep slope fun in the snowending up in whoops of laughlaughter as the occupants tumbled off into the snow only half fun in the snow4way down or came to a gradual standstill on the flat level area at the bottom.   

fun in the snow5




There were traditional toboggans made of wood with metal runners to help them fly through the snow but most were brightly coloured, rigid plastic sledges that needed little coaxing to make them shoot downhill. fun in the snow2

fun in the snow9 fun in the snow8Y


You’ll see that the kids have built up a  snow ramp to slide over!  One lad nearly came a cropper on his sledge, as you will see  below - though you may need to click to enlarge the pic to get the true view! fun in the snow6

Sad to say. he didn’t manage to regain control of his sledge and finish the run in triumph.  but happily, he only suffered a bit of a thump as he came back down to earth, he in one direction and the sledge in another.  It was a bit of a walk to retrieve it.  A few tears and a look at his photo. which impressed his pals as well, and he was as right as rain again!  He may have a bruise or two today though!  It was quite a hard landing he made!fun in the snow3

The tower in the distance – right – is St  Andrew’s tower, all that remains of an old parish church.fun in the snow7



Sometimes it’s good to take a break and admire the view, The long trudgewhile

for others it is a long trudge uphill again after the exhilarating run down.haylodge and rugby club  



I left them to it and continued on my way home , with just one last photo of the view over the park to the rugby club and beyond it the Parish Church of today. 

For me too it had been fun in the snow today

Talk again soon.!

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