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Sunday, 19 December 2010

A lucky escape

I’ve some more photos to show you from Friday afternoon, but I’ll save them and just show you this for now.  Last time, I told you about the bus that “left the road”!peebles bus   I was on the back road  when I took my photo, but Linda emailed me this one  today that tells the actual story!   Photo courtesy of the Peeblesshire News, our local weekly newspaper.

It was a double-decker and it was a service bus!   It is thought the bus wheels clipped the frozen icy edge of the road, causing the driver to lose control, and the bus slid down the banking and toppled.  Thank goodness the hedge was there – an old hedge no doubt and pretty tough – or things could have been so much worse, with it toppling right over and down into the field.   I wouldn’t have liked to have been on the upper deck – well neither deck actually but especially not the top one!   None of the ten passengers was injured, thankfully, but it must have been a bit of a problem getting out of the emergency door there at the back.  Later a crane was brought in to lift the bus – and the road had to be closed for a time. 

So, that was Thursday’s talk of the town.

Talk again soon.

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