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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


November snow 001 It just doesn’t seem to have stopped snowing all day today!  Not that it’s the first day of snow this winter.  It started the other day – far too early in the season!  I mean, it’s not even December!  The weather forecast isn’t too encouraging either.  It says this weather will continue for a time yet – and here was I planning a couple of trips – to Yorkshire and Inverness.  They are saying the temperatures will get down to about minus 20C in some parts of Scotland tonight  There was footage on TV tonight of an avalanche of snow sliding off a roof and then people rescuing a poor woman who had been walking  past the building at the time.  They helped her up off the ground and brushed the snow from her coat.  Thankfully she didn’t seem to have been injured.  In fact, I rather think she was actually laughing!

winter morning I do have to say that the views from my window are very pretty – looking from a warm living room out into the cold whiteness.   I’ve enjoyed watching the dog walkers or rather the dogs themselves today as they cavort in the snow sending up clouds of white around them!  I went out in the afternoon to visit a couple of friends and took a couple of photos just before it got darkcuddy burn .  The first one looks up the Peebles Water – or Cuddy, as it is called locally – while the next is the view to the right of tree-covered Venlaw ( a law is a lowland hill, so you can’t really call it Venlaw Hill or you’d be saying Ven Hill Hill)venlaw from march st.


The snow covered branches looked very ghostly, especially in the dying light.snow and branches


I took this one later, on my walk home.  It was snowing but a street light was illuminating these branches.  I just thought I would take the photo and see what happened!  I rather like it!

Well, it’s still snowing.  We’ve got about 12 inches, but I know it’s far worse in other parts of the country.  Somehow I don’t think any of us will be going very far tomorrow!

Talk again soon.


. said...

Like the look of that apartment block on the side of the river. Could just see myself on that top floor with the balcony...!!!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Yikes! That is a foot more than you should have this time of year! Be Safe, Evee!