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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Two great photo blogs for starters

Well, still no photos from the Co, or anywhere else just for the moment! I was all set to start blogging earlier today, when something led me to find the Photo a Day blogs where you can look up pretty much anywhere in the world and find bloggers who post photos of their little part of it. Of course being an Edinburgher originally, I looked up the Edinburgh blogs and found Dido and Bondbloke! I sat all afternoon and read and admired their postings, so much so that suddenly I realised it was dark again (about 4.30p.m.)! Well, it wasn't as if I was doing anything else, so I just kept on reading - and admiring! So if you are interested in my home city, take a look! I just have to add these two to my favourite blogs, see the left hand column!

OK, now for some pictures of the changes at work! The Co-op, Peebles! Aren't you just sooooooo excited? (Touch of the lowest form of wit there, yes?)

OK, here are the befores and afters, first the counter behind which I stand for a lot of my shift, checking out peoples's groceries through the till and these are two of my colleagues Moira and Joyce.

This was my view from the counter when I had a chance to look at it! Look at it now!

Looking from the counter, slightly to the right. The partition wall where the drinks chillers are, behind that red thing that actually held greetings cards in the LH photo was removed to reveal more of the steps that go down to the main shop. In this LH pic only a small section of the stairs was in use, beyond the wall unit full of crisps - chips to some of you - but now......... well, not quite now - this is on the way to being finished!

Here's the main shop as we were. Without that big partition we now look like this!

I didn't remember to take a photo of the before view back into the shop from near the back door, but this is what you see now, and the next pic is of Michelle as we tackled the weekly task of adding the supplement magazines etc., to the Sunday newspapers last week!
We'll have that joy to look forward to in the morning so as I have to be up at 6.00 and it's now just after midnight, I am off to get some kip!
Talk again soon!


bondbloke said...

At the risk of waqsting even more of your time Evee, you might try Looking at Edinburgh it is well worth while...

Dido said...

I agree with Bondbloke!

Thanks for coming to visit and I am glad you enjoyed my pictures. I can't wait to try and find your relative in the Peacock, so to speak! All the best,