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Friday, 5 December 2008

New header

Hi! It has been too cold to sit at the computer for too long, so I haven't written for a few days! The gas engineer was due to call this morning but after getting up at the crack of dawn, turning the fire off again, and freezing for a few hours, I got a call to say he had lots of emergencies to deal with and couldn't guarantee that he'd be able to call before the afternoon. Aaaagh! I'm an emergency too! Well, I'm not really, as at least I have a fire and can cook! So as I had to go to work this afternoon the visit has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning! Now this amazed me! The guy told me they were less busy at weekends! So why should weekends be less busy than during the week? An emergency can occur any time - can't it? So I'll get up again tomorrow at the crack of dawn and turn the fire off - and wait!!!!! What do you reckon? Do you think he'll turn up?

Well tonight after work I have sat here playing with my blog header! Hope you like it! It's quite simple, but I like the "less is more" approach to scrapbooking, and this is definitely less! I finished work early tonight as the workmen were back in the shop continuing with the refit! The place is really beginning to look pretty good, especially now that the signs have gone up on the walls and we have nice posters about the Free Trade items we sell. I forgot to take pictures tonight, but I should be able to show you a few comparisons soon! It has been pretty stressful and difficult over the last couple of weeks while the work has been in progress with the shop remaining open. However the guys are a great bunch and we have had a few laughs with them. One of our staff has taken a fancy to one of the young painters, a tall, slim, nice-looking, long-haired lad with a lovely personality, so we have been teasing him a lot about that! He laughs with us, as the particular member of staff is old enough to be his mother! It's Karl this, and Karl that, hello Karl, goodbye Karl, see you tomorrow Karl! I mentioned to him that he had a big fan there, after she'd left, and he roared with laughter agreeing that, yes, he got a lot of attention from her!

The snow has all gone for now! After a few lovely days with occasional flurries of snow, the rain set in today! More snow is forecast but we'll wait and see! Ever since some years ago - when a TV weatherman responded to a viewer's question about a possible hurricane, saying no, there was definitely NO hurricane on the way, only to have to eat his words the next day as the damage was incredible after a night of storms - the weathermen have been pretty cautious about their predictions! We were all waiting for the heavy snow and terrible road conditions forecast the other day, but the storms must have passed us by! We got a few flakes of snow and the temperature went up! Only by half a degree, but it was enough to be too warm to snow!!!

I was going to say, no photos tonight, but I have this one of our manager with his partner and their two week old son! It was the first time baby JP had been brought for a visit, so we all took a turn of holding him - as he slept soundly through being passed from person to person!
Keith is a very proud dad!
So that's the news for now! Time for bed now! I wasn't going to sit here for ages knowing I have to get up early again tomorrow, but I have!
Oh well!
Talk again soon.

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