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Saturday, 20 December 2008

The continuing saga

Was it really Tuesday I blogged last? It would seen so! I had awful problems with trying to blog for reasons that will presumably be obvious in a minute, though I suspect Blogger might have had something to do with it too!

It seems there has been a stream of tradesmen to my house in the last few days! After my complaint that the gas engineer had broken the folding ladder into the attic when checking out the boiler up there - he fell off the ladder -I had a joiner arrive to fix that. It was only the fitment that attached the ladder to the ceiling hatch, so that when the ladder is pushed up and out of the way the hatch closes too - but nonetheless it was something I couldn't do myself! The very pleasant young man fixed it without any bother, admired the view of the river from my window and said he rather fancied the idea of living in this area and hoped his wife would agree to moving! Then off he went! One problem dealt with!

Then someone came to set up a digital TV service through my computer and said no wonder it was slow, there was only a fraction of the RAM that they put in computers these days! Anything for a faster computer, so I called the local PC hospital and arranged to take the "pooter" along for a small operation. It came home yesterday and is bright and breezy again with its brand new and improved RAM - and so far I have had no problem with today's blog! Anyway, that leads me into the gas saga, as after I re-attached all the cables to the PC I finally received the email from the stove manufacturers with a statement about the design, with the added phone number for the gas engineer to phone if he still wasn't happy!

This morning I called the Gas Board again, and explained the whole story yet again with the added bit about the new email. The guy I spoke to this time was quite bemused - couldn't understand why the engineer had taken a look at the fire if he thought it shouldn't be serviced by them. He promised to look into the case and phone me back - which he has done - and guess what? The gas board would be perfectly happy to service the fire on the annual contract I was offered originally! Me: Then why did the engineer say you didn't look after these fires? Him: No idea, but there is no reason why it shouldn't be checked out yearly - by us - to make sure it is safe. Me: So someone will be here on Monday morning to service the fire and restore the gas supply? Him: Yes, I have put in a call for Monday morning - between 8.00a.m and 1.00p.m.

That is cutting a long conversation short, so sometime on Monday morning I expect a different gas engineer to be here to get things back to the way they were! Hallelujah! I do hope that will be the end of the saga though - it has been a fortnight since the gas supply was switched off. Thank goodness they got the central heating fixed before that!!! Anyway, this guy has said what I want to hear so here's hoping he's right! Christmas is almost upon us and I want to have the fire on in the living room on Christmas day! I'll deal with the compensation factor later!!

Happy Hanukkah to Peggy in Arkansas, by the way! I'm actually a bit early. It starts at sunset on 22nd this year - and that's Monday! Peggy and I have written to each other for years - since her two eldest kids were small, and now they are married and have youngsters of their own! Where have the years gone?
Here's Peg with Elke the most recent addition to the family!

Today Linda and I went lunching over at North Berwick, a lovely little coastal town on the Firth of Forth, east of Edinburgh, before browsing the shops for Christmas gifts. I still haven't finished the presents thing! Mandy and Richard, it was lovely to see you both - and we really enjoyed lunch, Sorry we didn't get the chance to see you, Jean (Mandy's mum). Hope to see you soon though.

I'm sure I've shown you some photos from NB before, but today I couldn't take pics as my camera battery died on me before we got there! On my way to meet Linda I had gone to Pets at Home for some bits and pieces for Priscilla, aka Moosie the hamster, and couldn't resist taking photos of some of the wee animals for sale! Maybe more about them soon!

Well, I think that's going to be all for today. Tomorrow is my early shift again so I must retire to bed now!!!

Talk again soon.

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