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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ladies who lunch!

That was me today! Part of a group of ladies who lunch! I belong to an organisation called U3A - University of the third Age - which sounds very grand indeed but isn't really. It is open to anyone who is over 50, retired or semi-retired, and meetings are held once a month with a speaker on one of any number of interesting subjects - most of them are interesting! Within the membership there may also be people who are willing to host small learning groups, generally meeting weekly, thus the idea of a University - it being a chance to learn something new, and also have fun. I went to a Spanish class last year, and also belonged to a gardening group that visited gardens and talked plants and things. Other subjects include Art Appreciation, Philosophy, Poetry, Pottery, Scottish Country Dancing and a Book Club, but then there are also Ramblers and Hillwalkers, Artists and.... and a lunch club - the ladies who lunch! I put my name down for the lunch club this session and went on my first outing with the group today!

It was a Christmas outing, so there were crackers to pull and paper hats to wear! The menu was Christmassy too with the option of traditional turkey, followed by Christmas pudding and brandy sauce, but I chose less Christmassy dishes, my main course being seabass and a smoked haddock risotto with prawns. It was delicious! The tiramisu gateau for dessert was not quite as I imagined it would be but was also very tasty! I found myself sitting with several people I knew, and conversation didn't flag, with stories, jokes and discussions, amongst other topics. We even talked about Christmas traditions in Poland, Holland and the Czech Republic, as some of our table had experienced Christmas in those countries. It was a lovely way to spend a lunchtime. I'll be looking forward to the next one in January. Don't know where that one will be held. Today we were at the Town House, Melrose - go back to 2 November to see some piccies of this lovely town centre - and I don't think it will be my last visit there!

After lunch I wandered round the corner to the lovely art shop and gallery run by Hazel Middlemas, a lovely young woman with an enormous talent for animal portraiture. I have admired her pet pictures on previous visits but today she was actually working on a pastels portrait - the heads of two black spaniels. It was shaping up very nicely! She had another picture on show of a golden retriever, one of a black labrador and some smaller pictures of border terriers! They are sooooooooooooooo gorgeous! Do take a look at her webpage!

Anyway, we chatted together for a while, and I bought another tube of paint - cerulean blue, good for skies, Hazel says, and one that Joe uses occasionally - and a colour mixing tray. I bought my other paints from her before Joe's lessons began, and she gave me some tips on mixing colours, wetting the paper before starting to paint, playing with colours and textures..... I really must make the time to practise!

Soon it was getting dark and time to head back to Peebles and work! It was such a busy night - lots of customers (my job) and a chill delivery to put away in the chillers throughout the shop (mostly Michelle's job but with a little bit for me to do!). Tomorrow is the BIG DAY, the re-launch of the new-look Co-op store, Peebles! The bigwigs will be there and I understand the local press will also be in attendance in the morning! Thank goodness I won't be there till late in the afternoon! I should hope the palaver will have calmed down by then and we can have a normal late shift!

I'd show you some more photos tonight but it's getting late and I might fall asleep before I get them organised! Next time then! OK?

Talk again soon!


Alan McWilliam said...

Hello Evee. Glad to see your blog is going strong. It is always a pleasure to stop by. Alan.

bondbloke said...

Evee, wonderful blog, and thanks for dropping by, without whic I would not have found you. You are in good company as I also will soon be getting my freedom (bus pass)WHOOPEE!!!

bondbloke said...

P.S. Yo9u now qualify as an 'Interesting Visitor'