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Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Well, the story of my gas stove, the one that looks like it is burning pretty realistic looking coal... the guy from the Fireside shop in West Linton phoned me back yesterday to tell me that the gas engineer who pronounced it "At Risk" and stuck a "Do not use" label on it, hadn't a clue what he was talking about, and that there is nothing wrong with the design - which was what was bothering the engineer. The Fireside guy had contacted the Technical Support guys whose number I now also have so that when I call the gas engineer back he can check for himself! I have to say I'm a bit miffed, as when the engineer saw the stove he said Oh no, we don't service these kind of fires, but went on to ...take a look at it anyway, while he was here! Then he goes and makes his pronouncement and turns the supply to it off! Now I have to get him back to turn it back on as there was nothing wrong in the first place! Aaaaggghhh!

Next installment: I phoned the Gas Board, explained the story, asked them to send someone to restore the gas supply to the fire...... Can't do that! They need the instructions for the fire and to see the reasons for the design in black and white! But there was nothing wrong with the fire! We still need to have the instructions before we can do anything! I've tried to find info on the internet, and have just emailed their technical support team! Why can't anything be straight forward.

Episode 3 to come!

Talk again soon.

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