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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Kailzie Gardens

I mentioned Lady Buchan /Hepburn in my last entry, so today I will show you some of her garden at Kailzie – don’t pronounce the Z.  It’s Kailie.  I had arranged to meet my sister and her partner for lunch at the stables restaurant there.  It was a glorious day – wall to wall sunshine and blue sky – though still a little on the cool side.  We had a nice meal in what was probably once the coach and carriage house, adjoining the stables of the big house, before I took myself on a tour of the gardens.  We had gone initially to Kailzie to take a look at cctv footage of ospreys nesting in the area, but after we had paid our entrance fee, we were told the connection wasn’t working.  kailzie chaffinches We were a bit cross that the centre’s staff had taken our money before telling us the news, but at least I managed to get some shots of the bird feeding station at the rear, and a pair of chaffinches.

Unfortunately Kailzie house itself was demolished in the 1960s as it was in a very bad state of repair, and cheaper to knock down than restore. kailzie house site 


Nowadays it would have had a preservation listing but that was way back then, so the house has gone, leaving an open space where it once stood.   Coming up the drive you would have crossed the stone bridge and the house would then have been on your left  It must have had the most wonderful view of Tweeddale and the hills to its north.  kailzie_house[3]Here’s how it once  looked as you approached via the bridge!  You can see the stone bridge parapet in the photo.  I last showed you this picture in March last year – here’s a link back to when the snowdrops were out.kailzie burn   This time there were daffodils to see, all along the walks and through the woodland garden – so many varieties.

I love these frilly ones with the split trumpets, kailzie frilly daffs

and the white doubles.kailzie double daffs






kailzie fountain2

For the first time I have ever seen  it,  I think, the fountain was actually playing.  It was so very pretty. 

kailzie statue



And in the walled gardens I spotted a statue I hadn’t seen before – just because I hadn’t been in that part of the garden before, I suppose.  kailzie laburnam walk

The laburnum walk wasn’t yet in flower.  I really look forward to another visit to Kailzie soon to see that!kailzie himalayan poppy


I found this lone Himalayan blue poppy in the formally laid out walled garden, not far from the former hothouse – not so spectacular as the one at Glassmount, but in better condition!kailzie greenhouses




Once again in the woodland area I walked back by the burn - the stream - with its little waterfall, and the rhododendrons almost in full bloomkailzie waterfall ,kailzie rustic bridge

and rustic bridge, almost hidden by overhanging branches – above right.kalzie bluebell wood   The bluebells were coming into flowerkailzie woodland  - below right 


and just as I reached this part of the path – left - the breeze blew down a shower of blossom petals to mingle with the pine cones, though I was too late to capture it on camera. 

kailzie pond

This is one of the two fishing ponds at Kailzie with views beyond to the hills.  The other pond is much larger, and looking in the opposite direction you can see the lodge houses at the gateway to Kailzie.  kailzie gatehousesPeebles is a couple of miles back along that road, which was where I was headed next – back home.  I daresay it won’t be long before I am back at Kailzie for some more photos, and then I have to pay a springtime visit to Dawyck Gardens too, for the rhododendrons!    That will be a treat!

Talk again soon.

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You shouldn't have had to pay Evelyn. The connection went down today when I was on duty and I refunded a couple their money as they had just arrived before the breakdown.