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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Short and sweet!

Phil arrived this morning at the back of 9.00 this morning, and was here till about midday, by which time he had fixed my fire – we hope!  The test will be if I don’t smell gas tomorrow morning when I come through to the living room!  He’s still not at all sure what the fault actually was, but has fiddled and tightened and tested and fiddled some more, and everything appears to be fine now!  He reckons he might have just fixed it inadvertently with fiddling, but he was certainly very thorough, and left no avenue unexplored, no stone unturned!  I was impressed!   So!  I have a nice warm house!   It’s lovely!

Then I decided I’d better check the fuse in the plug of the microwave oven.  I replaced it, plugged in, switched on…bingo!  So tonight I might treat myself to a microwaved supper, in front of the fire, watching TV!!!

Talk again soon.

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