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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Wintry weather

There is something about an old broken down wall, especially in the snow! It wasn't the brightest of days but I liked this view.

The next pics were taken in the sunshine of the last few days. The snow in the "wall" photo melted the next day, but a few days later there was more, and this time the temperature dropped and it froze. Since then we have had a few more flurries and more blue skies and sunshine, so I crunched across the Green, over Priorsford bridge and back on the other side the other day, taking these as I went.

School's out! It's lunch time and suddenly the town's foodshops are full of school children, who have crossed the bridge and made their way through the snow to the High Street, to grab a baguette or a pie for lunch!

Looking back to the old hospital and the care home to its left, with Venlaw, the forested hill, behind.

Here's the most commonly photographed view of Peebles - the bridge over Tweed, with the church standing on its exalted position facing down the High Street.

My house fairly stands out from the rest in this one! I do love my view of the river, watching it through the seasons.

At the river's edge the water must have frozen round the stems of these grasses, leaving them with little ice collars like glass sparkling in the sun!

When I was growing up in Edinburgh, a wee bittie from the sea, mother always used to say there must be storms at sea when we saw and heard seagulls inland. I am still not sure what gulls do or where they go if it is stormy, but these ones are always around, competing with the ducks for a share of the bread they are fed by the youngsters of Peebles and their parents! They are quite small and do not screech quite like the bigger gulls, and altogether are rather attractive little birds.

I feel so lucky to have such wonderful surroundings that look so different from season to season - hey, guess what? It's snowing again!

Talk again soon

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Bondbloke said...

More like unpredictable weather - I was down in Newhaven yesterday afternoon in glorious sunshine - today I couldn't see acroos the courtyard for snow coming down. Ach, weel, that's ut north for ye!