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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Oh, have I been having problems with this old computer! It has been driving me demented, trying to upload photos! I just couldn't get them loaded at all! Maybe it was blogspot but I think my PC was just throwing a wobbly! Time to replace, I fear!

Anyway I must have lots to catch up on, so where will I take you today! Linda and I meet up for lunch quite regularly, and have explored a few of the small towns near Edinburgh recently.
After lunch one day not so long ago at Queensferry in the rail bridge bistro, with views of the bridges - the poor old railway bridge seemingly swathed in bandages, as repairs are carried out - we drove further west along the coast of the firth to Blackness Castle built in the 15th century.

It's shape - though maybe not from this angle - bears a fair resemblance to a ship setting off into the sea, and is often referred to as "the ship that never sailed". The first records of the castle in 1449 indicate that it was in use as a state prison, which role it was to continue for over 250 years. Unfortunately we didn't have time to explore that day so are planning to return in the spring or summer.

Around the end of January we headed north over the bridge into Fife to eat at a tearoom taken over recently by Baxters of Fochabers, where they were still advertising Burns' suppers and the food they produce that could be eaten on such an occasion.

Another day we headed east along the Firth where we ate in the sunroom of a very nice hotel, with coffee served afterwards in the beautiful and comfortable lounge. How's this for nice surroundings?

We do get about!

Talk again soon.

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Bondbloke said...

Evee luv, I suspect the problem uploading photos was Blogspot, it regularly throw wobblies which is why all of my blogs started out life with Blogger and eventually migrated to Wordpress, a far better blogging platform...