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Saturday, 14 February 2009

More snowy pics

Well, With the weather being as it has been recently - about 4 inches of snow altogether - I haven't done very much except walk along Tweed Green with the camera, and some of those pictures I have also put in my Peebles for pleasure blog as well as the ones here the last time. However, there are a few I haven't shown you yet so that's what I'll do today. Hope you like them.

This one is especially for Eunice - more little ice collars on the grasses at the river's edge! Glass beads! So pretty!

This is about as much ice as appeared on the river. Winters ain't what they used to be! I have seen a photo from the 1960s where Tweed froze over entirely, and people were able to skate or just walk across the ice to the opposite bank! That was cold! I wonder if Rosemary would let me borrow the photo to copy? Must ask her! I believe she told me about bonfires on the ice......

This is a view you'll be familiar with: the parish church, the bridge across Tweed, and a bit of Tweed Green, including my place!

Same view from further round! This is the putting green, where no-one has putted for years, but is still known as such! David had the idea of taking over the pavilion and reinstating the putting green, but the insurance would be way too high, and probably not worth it! Summers ain't what they used to be either!
This one was taken from Priorsford Bridge as the kids were coming out of school for lunch! That's one optimistic icecream van parked in the foreground! There were only two or three kids stopped there. The rest of the hordes walked straight on past it in search of something more substantial from the food shops of the High Street.

I'll try and catch up with this blog a bit sooner next time. I already have photos of the walk up the other side of Tweed bridge - and proof that spring is coming!
Talk again soon.

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