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Saturday, 16 February 2013


bridgeIt was a cold but beautiful day today, the day of the U3A gardening group visit to see the snowdrops at Kailzie Gardens.  Lady Angela showed us around, first telling us a bit about the old house that used to stand just over the bridge.  It was once her husband’s home but it was demolished  around 50 years ago because of dry rot that riddled the building back then.  She says it was a horrible old building, but I think the pictures I have seen of it have been quite attractive.  kailzie view The view was pretty special though. This would have been the view from the back of the house.  The front would overlook the garden, facing up the burn – the stream or creek.shadows


This is the same view over to the hills east of Peebles.  I liked the shadows of us!  It’s probably the first time we’ve seen our shadows this year!  Gives you the feeling that spring is coming!snowdrops4

I think the snowdrops themselves show that spring isn’t far away.  There don’t seem  to snowdrops1be quite so many snowdrops this year, but there were still carpets of them, most  of them being the most common variety of galanthus nivalis,


but there were some whose name I don’t remember, like these, below.snowdrops 6 

We had a very pleasant    afternoon  in the gardens. jennie j at kalzie

This is Jennie getting up close and personal with the snowdrops.

snowdrops 8a

Of course I did my share of photographing them too, but I only had my wee compact - on automatic!snowdrops 7






Still, it doesn’t do so badly!

Anyway a garden visit usually ends up with tea and a cake or something so of course we repaired to the Kailzie stables restaurant.  No horses there now but some of the stallsthe stables are still in the building, and the tearoom is located in what I imagine was the tack-room, extending into the carriage building.the coach house and tackroom

Lovely place, but no chocolate and beetroot cake today!  So I hope you enjoyed our little tiptoe through the tu…….. oops, snowdrops!  I’ll have to see what the snowdrops are like at Dawyck next!

Talk again soon.


Peggy said...

Gorgeous, Evee, thanks for sharing this sign of spring in Scotland for those of us that can be there!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

You're so welcome, Peggy. #i guess it doesn't strike me that these little flowers could be so well appreciated round the globe! They really are sooooo bonny!

Katrina said...

I have some of the fancy snowdrops but I can't remember the name either. I got them from Cambo in Fife. How do you pronounce Kailzie?
I love the shadow photo too.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Kailzie is pronounced the same as ceilidh! Kayli. You don't pronounce the Z, as in most Scottish words with a Z in them!