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Saturday, 9 February 2013

An update

This is what I wrote in my very first blog post on 10 January 2008!  Just thought, with Katrina’s blog birthday happening recently, I should look back to see what I wrote on my very first page on 10 January 2008.  Then I decided I would give you some updates, which I’ll add after you’ve seen this.

10 Jan.2008

Hello! My first post on my very own blog. This is for all my friends and family to let you know how things are going here, and to enable me to include photos and digi scrapbook pages for your interest, amusement.....

So here's the first one, because I met up with Holly and Jesse the other day. Great kids! Holly is studying medicine and doing a few weeks at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary observing and learning about organ transplants! Not for the squeamish! (Me!)

Jess is currently doing an apprenticeship in a German ballet company, having studied ballet since he was an even younger youngster, in Australia and then Canada. Hoping to see him dance before long!

I've known these two since they were babies, having first met their dad, a third cousin, once removed, in 1977!

I'll show you the layout I did of him too!

The first picture shows my sister and myself with Bruce at the Bear Gates, or the Steekit Yetts, of Traquair House not far from Peebles. Holly and Jess thought that picture was soooooo funny!

The other picture was taken at the same spot, 30 years later!

Anyway it was great to see the kids again! They are growing up, and doing what they enjoy! Holly's passion is ski-ing and she reckons her ideal job once she finishes her degree would be as a ski doctor!

So, all for today. I have work to go to! Hope you'll post comments if you feel so inclined! This is all about sharing!

So! Holly qualified as a doctor and has been working in hospitals, most recently in Sydney;  though at the moment she’s ski-ing in Europe somewhere.  Meanwhile, her brother has just celebrated his 25th birthday.  He’s dancing with a ballet company in Mexico now, and obviously enjoying life with loads of international friends and a partner who dances with the same company.  I haven’t managed to see him dance, and unless the company comes to Britain, I can’t see that I will ever achieve that ambition.

Bruce was a TV cameraman in 1977 but is now doing freelance work, filming arts programmes for TV, and I don’t have work to go to any more!!  Yay!!! 

My blog has changed over the last five years, and just recently I haven’t been going too far afield, so the blog-postings are not too regular.  The price of petrol is one big problem.  I don’t just jump i the car and take off somewhere now.  Then since I retired I’ve got involved in so many things that keep me in or not far from Peebles,  and without photo opportunities.  However, do stick with me, pleeeeease.  I had to restrict the comments section a while ago as I was getting so many spam advertisements instead of genuine comments, but if you want to send me your comments, do please email me and I’ll put your comments in the comments section.

Talk again soon.

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Katrina said...

It was lovely to see your beginning. I'm sure you're busier now than you were when you were working, with all your interests, but even your Peebles photos are a treat to see, and are always different looking even if you've photographed the same scene before.