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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Back to Pinterest

Just a few short lines after I had a comment on my last entry from Margaret at BooksPlease.  I would hate to be accused of putting people off joining Pinterest, as there are some fabulous ideas and things collected by lots of other subscribers.  Here’s what I said to Margaret: 

“ I suppose there are ideas and things on the internet that you see and want to save, so perhaps it IS a good idea to have them all in the one place. Alternatively of course you could save to a file in your own Documents. The difference is that other people can look at your Pinterest board/s, and you can search theirs! I still call it a time waster, but it IS nice to see what other people are interested in and you do find good ideas that you never thought of!” 

What I mean is that you can get sucked in just looking at everyone else’s boards and collecting stuff, that you never have time to look at, far less do, any of the things you have pinned on your own board!  I could easily be sucked in, but I’ve been sucked in to all sorts of other stuff already and could, and sometimes do, spend hours in front of my laptop screen instead of getting up off my backside and doing things! 

Margaret, I am looking forward to looking through your blog.  I love your part of the world!

Talk again soon.

PS It’s snowing again and I am going up to Edinburgh this afternoon to take my sister for afternoon tea, courtesy of a Groupon voucher I bought recently. It gave me 55% off the normal price!  However my problem is, do I drive into town or take the bus. If the weather got too bad later, the buses might stop running, but if I drive my car in, I might have difficulty getting back.  No, I won’t be a wooss!  I’ve driven in worse conditions than this!  I’ll go by car! -

Well, I forgot to post this this morning!  So now I can tell you that I took the car up to Edinburgh and it wasn’t a problem.  By the time I was half way there it had turned to rain anyway!  More of that story next time.


BookPlease said...

Evee you haven't put me off Pinterest at all. It's just that I take quite a while before deciding to take the plunge to actually do something! I was like that with writing my blog.

You summarised what I was thinking about just making files in my own Documents, which of course I do now. Maybe I'll try it - it will have to wait until the weekend as today and Friday are very busy days for me this week.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

I'm glad I didn't put you off Pinterest, Margaret!