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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wemyss Castle Walled Garden

Charlotte, owner of the garden – and perhaps the big house and old castle too – was there to show us round the garden, telling us that it had been so overgrown with brambles and weeds when she inherited it, but  she has created lawns and flowerbeds, paths, statues, a formal pond with huge goldfish swimming about in it…. take a look at Wemyss castle – the Red House, Charlotte called it – and the gardens.  It was still a little wild but more formally laid out than Glassmount,wemyss 000     wemyss 003jpg




I think Charlotte probably lived in the more modern “big house” next to the castle.  It looked more like a hotel and didn’t have the charm of the old castle.  She is the one in dark blue, above. 

wemyss 019

wemyss 007





wemyss 016wemyss 017  wemyss 011





wemyss 004  


 crown and glassmount 122



I loved the quirky ornaments that we found. 

wemyss 022Geese were popular,

wemyss 014


as were chickens… and these weren’t real ones seemingly pecking on the wild flower path, below right.wemyss 013

 wemyss 015




   These pottery chickens were comical, just nestling under a hedge on the edge of the lawn.crown and glassmount 128  Then I found a sheep…

wemyss 020  Apparently the old statue  of a woman had been uncovered in the blitz to remove the brambles.  She was looking a bit worse for wear, but there was still a lot of beautiful carving detail on her dress.  I wonder what era she was from.  Charlotte also grows clematis and has a huge  (and complete) collection of the different varieties.  Some bought a clematis or two to bring home – not me though!  I still have to organise my garden and decide where things will go!  wemyss 021 So eventually it was time to set off for home – a straightforward journey this time.  I wonder if I could find these gardens again – as I would love to go back in a couple of months time to see how they have changed!

Talk again soon.

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