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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gardening group

  I was back along the same path a few days after my last entry, when I went to a meeting of the U3A gardening group.  We were visiting Joyce’s garden for a bit of a look around and a discussion on various plants, their habits and what to do with them – and when!  It wasn’t a bad day with just a little bit of breeze making the trees in the woodland creak and groan somewhat.  u3a gdn grp contemplate a eucalyptus!Here the group are contemplating the stump of a eucalyptus tree that was cut back perhaps at the wrong time.  Will it grow again?  Have to wait and see.u3a gdn grp at joycejack's


Not sure what Joyce is demonstrating here (right).  This is in her woodland garden, where she has also dug a veggie patch!peebles 017 

In the main garden Joyce also keeps bees!  Morna, another member of the group, and her late husband were beekeepers,

peebles 013

and Morna  became a honey judge.  She has come to talk to the bees while the rest of us looked at the greenhouse, or sat on the garden swing seat admiring the garden!       Here’s a solitary little anemone blanda.  Mine didn’t come up this spring!   Don’t know why!u3a gdn grp primulas   The primulas were all looking very pretty in various shades of pink or yellow, and the miniature daffodils and chinodoxia looked very attractive…..peebles 014

u3a joyce's daffs

…….as did the large headed daffs in a flowerbed by the garden wall.  My own daffodils are going back already.  It hasn’t been such a good year for them in my garden.

After a cup of tea with beautiful homemade scones and jam with cream, and honey from Joyce’s bees – which Morna declared very nice -  I set off back along the riverside for home.

peebles river 033

This will be a familiar view.  I took the same view the last time I walked this way.  Not so bright this time but it was the movement of the water again that caught my eye.peebles cauld, poo xhurch l010

The view of the parish church from further along the path, across the cauld.  It was very tame this time in comparison to days over the winter when the high water came raging over it.peebles celandines 2 008

Plenty of wild celandine flowers grow all along this bank of the river, like golden stars.  They are so pretty, reflecting the light like summer buttercups!

peebles police brae


Crossing Tweed Bridge I stopped to look down the brae towards the work the council had been doing on the Green, putting in the new path.  Then I just had to walk round the next corner to the High Street and home.

Talk again soon.

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Mary Ann said...

I love to click on your photos and enlarge them... I have always wanted to visit Scotland, and in your pictures, I feel I have!