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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Scrapbooking digitally

I’ve done precious little today except play with digital scrapbooking!  It’s something I haven’t done for a while, but I started a layout for Edie yesterday, and today decided to enter a challenge from one of the scrappers on on my favourite website, ScrapbookMax.  I think I’m on page 2.

Edie Medium Web view This is the first one, which I sent to Shell, using the photos I took on Saturday.  The jungle animals are from a photo of the wall paper in Edie’s  room.  There’s an African theme because Edie’s dad hails from South Africa, and they have all three recently come back from introducing Edie to her South African family.

helen and Jan  the twinsThis is the one I did for the challenge.   These are Helen and Jan, two of my Aussie rellies.  You will no doubt recognise the photo, girls!  I pinched it from your Facebook photos!  It’s a really nice pic.

It’s a very plain layout, but I preferred that to go with the black and white photo, to going over the top with lots of flowers or other decorations on the page.

You can see more of my scrapbook layouts here, if you want.  Just click on the pictures to get into the albums – there are nine of those - then again to enlarge the layouts.   There are more individual photos after the albums!  If you want to see the rest of the gallery – other folks’ layouts - click here.

It wasn’t a very bright or warm day today so I haven’t been out, but it’s a very pleasant evening so I may take a little walk out on the river bank, once I’ve finished here!

Talk again soon.

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