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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Lace-making begun

kintyre1 rachel and anna  So let me introduce you to Anna from the Czech republic, our tutor for the week.  That’s her on the right, showing Rachel from South Yorkshire how to get started on her piece of lace, a butterfly which you will see in due kintyre1 the earringcourse.  Anna had laid out a small exhibition of some of the pieces she thought we could tackle, including earrings and pendants to match, stylised, birds and flowers…,kintyre1 birds





….some elaborate jewellery….

kintyre1 jewelley






kintyre1 0sculpture



  … a simple sculpture, or individually the pieces can be napkin holders...


kintyre1 stonefish


…fish, using stones for the bodies…


 kintyre1 seahorse


…and continuing the sea theme, a seahorse. 

Linda, our hostess, has an old fish tank that she plans to use to display her fish and the seahorse! Sounds good!

Amazing what you can make with a few threads attached to bobbins, isn’t it! 

So most of us had made our choices last night, and prepared our patterns – pricking pin holes in card, in readiness for weaving our threads on their bobbins, and today we got started in earnest.  Anna is an excellent teacher, so before long we were all clicking away with our bobbins, deep in concentration.

kintyre1 linda2

So, to introduce us now…

This is Linda, our hostess…

kintyre2 rachel








kintyre1 Catherine






kintyre1 rosemary






kintyre1 pat






kintyre1 t'other pat


…the other Pat…




 kintyre1 mary2

…and Mary.




Next time I’ll show you the masterpieces  we are or have been working on.

Talk again soon.


Kia said...

Wow, amazing works of art! I'm in awe! :D Happy weekend!

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