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Friday, 19 February 2010

It’s official!

Today’s the day!  It’s official!  My new living room is official!  There are still jobs to be done to get it finished, but today the furniture was moved in!  I managed to pull the sideboard through from the old living room by myself – boy is it heavy – and carry the table – it’s only small and round – and the two folding chairs to their corner.  In the afternoon Mike came along with his battery operated screwdriver and removed the two doors to enable us to move the sofa easily from one room to the other.  Then we manhandled (personhandled?) the sofa out into the hall and on to its new home, before Mike replaced the doors.  living room1 He was just finishing that job when Morag turned up, thinking she and I were going to be moving the sofa!  All done!  Sit down and have a cup of tea.  So we did!  Mike said he’d send his invoice in tomorrow, so I suggested I treat him to lunch at one of his and Morag’s favourite eateries instead.  Yes, he’d settle for lunch, he   said.

Then the gas fitter turned up and once again said he could find nothing wrong with the gas supply.  There were no leaks, pressure was constant…. However he decided to fit a valve so that if I smelt gas again from the fire I could isolate it and still have central heating and hot water, as well as my cooker!  He was really nice, agreeing that it was best I did call him if I was worried, but then we both decided that, in the nicest possible way, we really didn’t want to see each other again soon!

new room So now I am sitting on the sofa in my new living room, in front of my leak-free fire, looking out from a cosy warm room, watching it snow!  Well, it looks like rain, but is definitely snow, and the Green is white again!  Just great (she said sarcastically)!  Actually in a perverse way, it actually IS great to be able to see the Green covered in snow!  Before I got the French doors I wouldn’t have been able to see the Green, white or any other colour!  Now I have a fabulous view down over the Green and the river, through the bare winter trees to the other side of Peebles and the hills beyond.  I’m going to enjoy the differences of the seasons through the French doors or even from the balcony itself when the weather is a lot warmer!

new room2 I brought out some of my pictures to think about where they would go on the walls.  I had hoped to get one or two up tonight, but I haven’t!  Still got more to seek out so maybe I’ll have a bit of a change.

Talk again soon!

1 comment:

Mary said...

Love it... That sideboard is soooooooooo my taste, just like one I have.
Is your carpet two-tone?
Are some of your pictures of the 'Dales'. I too can picture myself sitting on that sofa just looking out the french doors... bet you're just LOVING it!!!