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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The family 1999

Just a quick picture this time – a collage I made from the photos I took on my last but one visit out to Australia!  The last time was in April/May 2008.  You can look back in the archives of this blog to see photos from then.Inglis family 1999

In the last photo there is a young girl sitting on her mother’s knee.  Have a look at the bottom left photo in this collage.  That’s mum, and the toddler on her dad’s knee is the girl!  I think you can also work out which of the littlies in the 2010 photo is the little sister.  Their brother – the baby here – looks more like their mum now.  Bottom right, the two blonde boys are also in yesterday’s photo,  as is the wee one in the photo above them.

Unfortunately though, we’ve lost a few members of the family since ‘99.  There are a few faces in this collage that are greatly missed.

Even I’m in the collage too!  Wonder if you’ll recognise me!

Talk again soon.

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