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Monday, 22 February 2010

It’s just another day…..

Oh my lord!  I phoned my own dental surgery this morning about the capped tooth that came out – story in A day of Incidents – and got an appointment for the end of the afternoon at their brand new surgery right on the outskirts of town – I used to walk to the old surgery in 5 minutes. Now I have to take the car!  When I finally found the new place, I had a few minutes to wait before being called into one of the dentists’ room. 

She looked at the tooth that was left, inspected the cap that had come off and announced that she was certainly not going to try and fit the cap back on, and really the tooth would probably have to come out sometime soon.  An X-ray was taken, and as we waited to see how that turned out, she smoothed down the rough bits of the tooth so my tongue wouldn’t continue to rasp against it. 

Oh joy of joys!  The X-ray showed there was some infection in the gum below the tooth – can you bear all this? – so the tooth would have to come out – like, NOW!   She pumped my jaw full of anaesthetic, and we waited.  Some prodding and poking later – and I was still feeling the tooth.  Three lots of anaesthetics later I was still feeling the nerve as she tried to pull the tooth!  Aaaagh! Arms waving, feet in the air, the tears beginning to slide down the cheeks – me , that is - she finally stopped and said she couldn’t put any more anaesthetic in and that I would have to come back another day.  The infection, she decided, must be worse than it seemed and it was preventing the anaesthetic from taking hold!

So now I have a course of antibiotics to take and an appointment for Thursday afternoon to hopefully finish the job!

Oh deep joy! – as my sister would say!  The anaesthetics are wearing off  now, and I think I  must find the pain killers!  My jaw is swollen and pretty sore, and I can feel the nerve in the tooth!

Oh well, on to better things now!  living room 2 I put some pictures on the walls in the new living room this morning!  Suddenly the room feels homely!  clock I also brought a clock down from the attic, one that I bought some years ago at a craft fair.  It is meant to represent St Giles Cathedral up in Edinburgh, but the tower with its crown top is more like the Peebles Parish Church tower!  I meant to buy a battery for it today but forgot!  I’m sure there must be one somewhere about  the house though, so I’ll maybe get it ticking later!   It has a tea-light in the front of it which is rather nice! 

living room 1 Another picture of the living room with Joe’s painting of Tweed Bridge and the Parish Kirk .  The light is better in this one!

Well, the anaesthetic has worn off completely now, and my tooth is throbbing.  I didn’t take the pain killers earlier, but I must look for them now!   Oh how I am not looking forward to going back to the dentist on Thursday.  Wish me luck!

Talk again soon.

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