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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Well enough to take a walk!

Well those antibiotics are kicking in and boy do I feel better – not 100% just yet, but getting there.  In fact today I decided to take a walk up to the cafe for a bacon roll, and ended up taking quite a long walk – in the cold, through the snow.  I didn’t  intend going along the riverside, but after a walk onto the bridge, for a view down the river river panorama

church and bridge downriver I crossed the road and walked down to the far side of the river to take one photo, 




river pathand saw another photo opportunity ahead





the beech tree


  and then another… that’s my favourite tree across the river, the one that dips its lower branches in the water


ice on tweed5

and another….

until I had walked all the way up to the Fotheringham Bridge at Hay Lodge Park.  




There were kids sledging  in the park so I crossed the bridge and walked along to watch and take photos!   They were having great fun!

Then from here the obvious way home is to continue down this side of the river, so that’s the way I went! 

It’s not too difficult walking in the snow. It has been pretty dry powdery snow, that hasn’t had a chance to melt and refreeze, so you don’t slip and slide too much!   It’s so cold it isn’t going to melt in a hurry either.  We have more snow forecast, and not a sign of it thawing for a week at least apparently!  ice on tweed3 There was even ice at the edge of the water and flowing along in drifts like autumn leaves. Another day or two of temperatures like this and the water above the cauld will be solid.




ice on tweed4 By now the sun was beginning to get lower behind the trees and it was beginning to feel much colder…..



ice and moorhen on tweed

… but this little moorhen didn’t seem to mind, every now and again diving under the water and then popping back up again a moment or two later.  I can tell you I was glad to be back in the warmth of my living room not much later, but I think the walk did me a power of good!

Talk again soon.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Oh Evee... the sun shing through those trees is absolutely beautiful... great shot!!!
Glad to hear you're 'on the mend'.