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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Still snowing!

It’s still snowing, and tonight the wind has got up a bit so that the falling snow is being blown around in great swirls, mixed with the snow blown off the roofs.  The swirling waves of snow somehow remind me of the Aurora Borealis.

Thank goodness I don’t have to be going anywhere in this weather though!  I haven’t been out for days now, thanks to this cold!  Actually I  had a visit from the doctor today and he says I have some “crepitation” going on in my right lung – I believe that means crackling – so I am now on a course of antibiotics!  It’s not just a cough and a cold any more, but I should start to feel better in two or three days!  Thank goodness for that!

dilkusha and winter trees

So just a couple of wintry photos for you today, both taken from my window earlier.  The house with the turret on the hill used to be a hotel but for a good few years now it has been a private house.  Once upon a time it belonged to the family who also owned my flat, maybe even had it built.  I’m not sure.

tweed bridge in snow

And this is Tweed Bridge!

Oh I wish I could stop coughing!  I can actually hear that “crepitation” myself!  It makes me want to cough more!

Talk again soon.


Marcie said...

Feel better soon Evee! Love seeing your photos. Thanks for posting even when you aren't up to par. We are having our first cold dip this week here in Baton Rouge. May get to 26 degrees F (-3.33C) tonight and down to 19 degrees F(-7.22C) on the weekend. Goodbye to all the plants of fall! That's the coldest it's been here since 1968. Brrrrrr!

Mary said...

So sad to hear you're not too good!!! Thinking of you & keep warm.