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Friday, 29 January 2010

Just an ordinary day

It's getting colder again over here so I fear we may get some snow!  They say it will only be in the north of Scotland, and that it will only be cold here, so here’s hoping they are right! 

I got my hair recoloured today.  It has toned down the white blonde to a nice pale ash colour.  Much nicer actually!  I decided not to continue with the peroxide blonde as my hair had started breaking.  Kim, though surprised, suggested possible reasons  for it doing that, but nothing sounded plausible.   I know one hairdresser who always says your health is often indicated by the condition of your hair, and in fact she was really the first person to recognise when my friend Vina was ill - just by her hair.  It could just be the amount of peroxide used before, but I am hoping my hair will be OK, and that its dry and brittle condition isn't a sign that something's wrong with me!  Kim has suggested a different shampoo, and recommended I try an oil treatment to put some moisture back into my hair, as well as liberally dosing it with conditioner (which I generally do anyway).

After that I took some stuff to the BHF shop and ended up staying for an hour and a half just helping out on the till, and keeping an eye on the clothes racks to make sure the sizes were in the right order and the hangers all hanging the right way – everything looking neat and tidy!!  I had a chat with some customers I knew and some I didn't!  How we Brits like talking about the weather, but it's a great conversation starter nonetheless!!!

And now I am home, and about to try to move some stuff!  I figure I could still move some of the bedroom stuff into the "new" bedroom and empty the old one as much as possible so the old carpet can be lifted.  I'm thinking of getting the same carpet I have in the current living room, for the new one.  I got it from the carpet section of the department store I used to work in.  They would come and measure, order the carpet and eventually lay it, and as I still have a decent underlay it won't be as expensive as it would have been when I started from scratch.   I had better pop up there with the carpet samples I brought home yesterday, and maybe organise a date for them to come and measure.  I hardly think it will be delivered before next weekend when Colin comes up from Yorkshire to visit, but the sooner I order it the sooner it will arrive!  Anyway, I have a list a mile long of jobs for Colin to do!  It’s alright!  He knows and is raring to go!!!!! Well, I think he is!

So, off to visit the carpet department!

Talk again soon.

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