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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Wey hey!

Wey hey! I can get into Broadband again AND I can upload photos!!! What an exciting photo this is, but this is our old Co-op counter, cramped and impractical as it was! It has gone, disappeared! Instead we have a brand new roomy practical counter, albeit more boring in colour than our old yellow and blue. It's light grey now!! The gantry with cigs and spirits was to have been replaced at the same time but has been delayed for some reason. It's to happen later this week! A load of changes throughout the shop this week, it seems!

Well, the plumber has just called which is why I am up so early this morning! He was to have been here an hour ago but as he is a retained fireman too, he was out on a call earlier this morning and only just got back. Anyway, he climbed the ladder into the attic to inspect the boiler and would you believe it, turned a dial and whoosh, the pilot light lit and the thing fired into action! He didn't even need to open his tool box! I couldn't believe it! Weeks with no heating or hot water, he's in the house for two minutes - problem solved! I felt like a right idiot! However he said that these things happen for no reason sometimes so I felt a fraction better! Now I'll await the bill! The call out charge will be whopping!
OK! Back to the photos I couldn't up load before - maybe they will take my mind off the shame! This is our Christmas tree outside the parish church. It was a windy night and I didn't have a tripod so the tree lights are blurred - but what the heck! You get the idea, don't you? The spotlight on the church makes it look like there's a second tree, but it's only the shadow! I'll get a better picture another time! The one I took of the street lights was rubbish so I binned it!
I actually can't remember what other photos I wanted to include last time, so I'll leave it at that for now! I'm off up to Edinburgh in a while and possibly taking a drive over to Fife - a small 16th century village called Culross, pronounced, strangely Kooross - which is extremely photographable! So!
Talk again soon!
Well, I don't feel such a fool after all! I got home last night to find a cold house and cold water again! The boiler has switched off again! I've been up to look at it and it's just the same as before! Back to the phone!
Linda and I went over the Forth to Culross for lunch yesterday. It was a clear crisp day - no snow as so many other areas have been getting. The Red Lion was our destination where we had a nice pub lunch, followed by a wander round the village. We keep saying we will have to come back when the National Trust for Scotland properties are open - the old town house, the "Palace", a towered house called the Study, etc. but as it was we could look only from the outside. I'll put the photos in tomorrow! It's pretty late just now. Jo, if you are reading this I'll be in the Co-op most evenings! You'll recognise the pink hair!!! Come and say hello!
OK! All for now.
Talk again soon.

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