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Thursday, 20 November 2008

A favour please?

Wonder if I could ask a favour? Nothing too difficult! I just want to find out how accurate Feedjit Traffic Feed is, you know the thing at the bottom of the left hand column that is supposed to tell where people are visiting the site from. I find when I log into websites with Feedjit, that my location seems to change every now and then, and I seem to have been heading further and further west! Then, again I know that friends are logging in from various parts of the world but their locations are all wrong too! I mean, Linda logs in from Edinburgh and finds she appears to be from London! Eunice is in Invercargill and is coming up as being in Christchurch. So what I want to ask you, is when you arrive on my blog, would you look at the Feedjit thing and see what the first location on the list is. That's yours! Then would you leave a message in my Cbox - the green message box also in the left hand column - to tell me a) where it says, and b) where you really are. There aren't so many visitors that you're not going to be able to tell which is yours! Even if it is accurate, I'd like to know! Then I'll decide if it is worth keeping, and will also write to Feedjit with the info you have provided! Please do this for me!

The shop refit has begun though so far there's not been a lot of evidence of things changing! All it seems to mean is that the staff room seems always to be full of workmen on breaks, drinking tea and eating cakes, fish and chips and chinese take aways! They use up all the mugs and take up all the chairs! I had to ask them yesterday how long they were going to be as I needed to take my break too! At least they all scarpered then! I stayed late last night to help move stock around after we closed for the night. Luckily we have a cellar that isn't getting anything done to it so we can put a lot of stuff we know won't be needed for a while in there! There is a mass of Christmas stuff that won't be displayed till after the refit now, so that all went down into the cellar, along with boxes of wine and spirits, more boxes of carrier bags and plastic rubbish sacks, etc.! It's unbelievable what stuff there is in the store room that hasn't seen the light of day in yonks! A lot of that is going out in the skip!


I'm now back from work and I can say that tonight has made a big difference in how the shop looks! After we closed - an hour early, at 10.00pm tonight - the guys got started on the removal of our old, horrible, designed-by-a-man counter! I mean what woman would design a counter with nooks and crannies for dust and dirt to get caught in! It was dreadful and apart from anything else it was totally impractical! Anyway tonight it is going - gone! A historic moment! I have hated that counter since I started working there several years ago!

Manager Keith came in tonight just to visit. He's on paternity leave just now, his partner having given birth to Jack just a couple of nights ago! Mother and baby doing well! Father is a bit gobsmacked, but feeling GRRRRREAT!

Then tonight was also the switching on of the Christmas lights, and late night shopping! Most of the High Street shops stayed open till 9.00pm and some had stalls on the street. I took half an hour of my break to go up and have a look around. The pipe band played and the silver band (not brass, but silver!) also entertained, while a group of fiddlers fiddled some great tunes in between times. There were several stalls with red and white striped awnings, some selling mulled wine and mincemeat pies or farmhouse cheeses; jams, jellies and chutneys; Christmas cards and wrapping paper; jewellery; light up starwars swords, flashing hairbands, bracelets and rings, etc...... but the biggest crowds were around the food stalls with their taste and test produce! The street was full of folk wandering and darting in and out of the shops. Back at work later one of the shop owners who had been handing out glasses of wine to customers came in twice to buy more wine! His shop was heaving with folk! We got quite busy too with people on their way home with young kiddies, after Santa Claus had put in an appearance, and later when the shops had closed and everyone was on their way home!

I had several pictures I was going to put in here tonight, but guess what! Can't open the page to upload pics! Now I don't know if it's my computer or the internet, but I am spitting tacks now - as they would say in Yorkshire - getting really cross! I will try again tomorrow, but after an hour of trying then closing the blogger page and reopening it to have another try, I am giving up for now. So, sorry!

Talk again soon.

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