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Sunday, 9 November 2008


How I hate these dark mornings! Getting up at 6.00 a.m. was never my idea of fun, but in the summer when daylight comes early, around 4.00, it isn't so difficult. Just now it doesn't get light till about 7.30, but it will be steadily later over the weeks till just before Christmas. Then the daylight will begin to go again in the middle of the afternoon. It's dark around 4.45 in the afternoon just now!

Oh well! Off to work - my only early shift I am pleased to say!



Yesterday I was up in Edinburgh for the afternoon, and when I came home it was pouring down with rain, so instead of parking my car where I normally park it - usually a bit away from home as there are restrictions in place during the week - I parked right outside where I live, intending to move it today sometime so I wouldn't run the risk of getting yet another parking ticket on Monday. Out I went at ten to seven this morning bound for the store, climbed into the car and went through the motions of getting started. The gear stick seemed loose and wobbly! I eventually got it into reverse gear and tried to reverse a little to allow me room in front to manoevre out of the space. The car wouldn't move! I tried to go into first gear, but this time the gear stick was stuck and I realised I wasn't going anywhere right then! Luckily work is only a few minutes walk away, so I left the car till the afternoon when my shift was finished, then called the Automobile Association! Someone would be with me within 45 minutes, I was told, but long before that a nice smily young AA man arrived, listened to my story and proceded to try out the gears. Then he was under the bonnet, reaching down into the depths behind the engine. Apparently a rod had come adrift from whatever it should be attached to, so he managed to put it back on and secured it with some strapping - and after checking that I could now change the gears he told me the rod(s) was/were worn and I should take the car to the garage "as soon as.." Some paperwork was completed and off he went! So then I drove the car off the High Street to my usual parking spot, so at least I won't get another parking ticket tomorrow! I still have one to pay from the last time I parked there - and forgot it! I don't use the car as much now I live in the centre of town! Next day off is Tuesday so I forsee a drive to the Peugeot garage at Galashiels that morning!

Anyway, it never rains but it pours, as they say, and it certainly has been doing a lot of pouring recently, which is probably why I got a call from my downstairs neighbour the other day to say she had water coming down the wall in a corner of her bathroom. It's possible that the rain has got in under some roof-slates or somewhere on the roof, and has trickled down the wall. The reason I haven't seen it is that there's a false wall in my kitchen - above her bathroom - so for all I know, the water is streaming down behind it! I have to get someone to take a look, but I do hope it won't mean part of my kitchen has to be pulled out and the false wall removed!

Well, I guess that's enough woe for one day!

Here's a nice photo to remind us of summer!

Talk again soon.

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