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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pinterest again

I told Colin about Pinterest – this link will take you to my boards – and when I have been spending loads of time posting websites to my boards, he tells me to start doing some of the craft things I have pinned.  He’s dead right, but  I want to crochet, knit, make jewellery, even sew – yes, ME.  I even want to sew.392835_154730231358048_1232881322_n Oh and I want to tat these gorgeous earrings.  I’ve found patterns galore.  1357633f4f38cc8d130ad25f34325d8bLove this jacket.  It’s crocheted, and so are these pieces I also want to do.9a8df79f4dce45af47f7fcd03f444bc7



I don’t think I’ll attempt these but I love the picture so they got pinned on my Crochet board! I love those fishbones!



I’ve also found some super knitting tutorials, with new skills to learn as my knitting skills are basic and when I say basic, I mean it!   Above is a pretty cast on stitch, and on the left is a basket to keep your knitting pins and crochet hooks organised.  Your balls of wool will fill the inside of the basket and store your knitting project in between knitting sessions!6596c3cfc13019837b0b4031a337a081  I can learn how to unravel several rows of knitting so I won’t drop any stitches, when I have to go  back and fix a mistake... and when the garment or whatever, is complete there are tutorials for invisible cast offs and how to stitch the pieces together!8db1b0657c1032c41cffffaf9f07a3fd 

This is fun!  I’ve seen children playing with finger knitting before, but never arm knitting.  Obviously you need thick yarn, and there are even tutorials about that!  Make t-shirt yarn by cutting up an old t-shirt or two.  It all depends on following the photos or instructions.  Do yards and yards of French knitting like you made “rats tails” when you were a kid!  Amazing!!!  You could make a scarf this way.  I think it would be way too hot for me! 95e2b1f40fe2b5daa4475c6127660f5c

I’d prefer something like this… Actually I’m not sure if this is knitted or crocheted.  I think it looks crocheted! 

box of beadsRecently I’ve been buying up old bead necklaces from the charity shops to make them into dangly earrings!  I’m right into earrings just now!

 P1050649I also thought I’d make some silver wire earrings in lacemaking techniques or some feathery ones from an old dream catcher, chain ones, beaded ones……P1050652 

chain earrings





e55aa191354e8a818cf7dadfb5296cb9Then there’s making things from pallets, you know the kind they transport goods around on; 5ba644ed5e60b0c2de4e0104caa6a7f1

transferring photographs onto canvas; caaf1d3aabfca8777083cfd04d56366c

making mosaic tiles with a car mat as a mould; cb275661f821e4da16981a4bff9d43f1

sewing these cute little mice;


lacemaking these two funny giraffes,

799518  and this, as earrings; 

cc4c5831cfb5451d000d7d9fe7b89c35there’s a tutorial for making loose covers for arm chairs……

I have loads of things I want to do. 

But like Colin says, “Get on with them!”     I’ll keep you posted! 

Head over to my boards and have a look at all I have pinned!

Talk again soon.


Peggy Ann said...

Pinterest is lots of fun and very addictive! I haven't really made anything from my boards but have done lots of recipes and tried homemade household cleaners. I'm heading over to follow you!

Katrina said...

Lovely stuff Evee, I particularly like the crocheted cardi and the scarf and the tatted earrings. It's my crocheting which is basic though and tatting non existent. I've come to a standstill craftwise at the moment, trying to keep the house tidy just in case anyone wants to view!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Thanks ladies! I have actually done a prototype of some lace earrings and a bit of needle tatting, so maybe it won't be too long till I can feel confident enough to do the purple earrings!!
How is the house showing going, Katrina? I hope you are getting plenty of viewers.
Peggy, how do you find the household cleaners? Do you recommend them?

Katrina said...

I e-mailed you, last week I think it was. I'm so glad that you got your photos back. Nothing definite about our house although one couple seem very keen, of course they haven't sold their house yet!