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Friday, 13 September 2013

Lost and found

Remember when I got back from Cornwall I lost the photos from my laptop?  I was in the process of taking my pictures off my old laptop onto memory sticks, but thought I’d left the Cornish photos where they were, so I could come back to finish editing them.  Well!  I looked everywhere for them and couldn’t find them anywhere. 

However, I was looking for a file of photos, and today I was looking at some of the pictures on one of the memory sticks, when I found all the Cornish pictures – not in a file but as individual photos!  I think you could say I almost jumped for joy, only I couldn’t, what with the laptop on my lap at the time!  So happy!  diane, stephanie, dot and ken kinmontI have the rellies’ photos too, which I was mad at losing, but not lost after all!  Hurray!  No idea how they all came out of their file when they transferred to the memory stick!  

So all’s well that ends well!

Talk again soon.

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