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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Some more Cornish delights

I left you at Minack last time. So now on to Mousehole, pronounced I believe as Mouzle, another small coastal town full of visitors.  This was the home of the last fluent Cornish speaker Dolly Pentreath, who died in 1777.  In the 20th century the language has been revived and I heard the news  read in Cornish on the car radio. I wonder how many understand it.

Once again I am regretting the loss of my own Cornish photos as I took some of interesting corners, and pictures that would bring back memories for me.  I haven't taken my laptop to the computer man yet to see if they can be recovered.                   Paintings below by Malcolm Coils  

The coastal villages are very picturesque and artists flock to them. Here are a couple of paintings I rather like of Mousehole and a photo of almost the same view as in the first painting, but from a different angle.

I love harbour pictures with piers or stone retaining walls, with little boats in the water below, steps and attractive little cottages piled above on the hillsides or cliffs..  In fact at the Monday morning craft group I go to, I am working on a pretty long-stitch tapestry of just the same sort of thing. Maybe I'll show it to you once it's finished!

I also found a photo of the view that Malcolm Coils painted with a bit of artistic licence, and another painting by Amanda Bee of the same spot.

Forgot to mention the Mousehole cat, a book based on a legend wherein a Cornish fisherman and his cat brave a storm, thanks to the cat's purring soothing the winds.  They make a huge catch and return to the harbour where the whole village is treated to a local dish called Star-gazy pie.

Next stop, after an ice cream cone from a rather nice café, was Marazion from where you can catch a boat at high tide or walk along a causeway at low tide to St Michael's Mount. 

Once again a painter's delight here are a couple of paintings I came across, the first from a Gutenberg project publication and the  one below by a Jon Harry.

I didn't cross to the island, preferring to wander round Marazion instead.  Perhaps that was a mistake.  I should have done both.

Marazion was a quaint little place, with a shop that sold "proper" Cornish pasties.  I did try one, but wasn't enamoured. I'm afraid.  People don't put (enough) salt in food these days - because it's bad for us! - but it makes food taste better without having to spice it up as they do now.

Cornish cream teas were more to my taste! I had a few of those on my travels. Cornish cream teas are served with strawberry jam and clotted cream on scones, with a pot of tea to accompany them.  Delicious!

This is the centre of Marazion, right, with the pasty shop round the corner, just catching the sun in this photo by Chris_I......

....and looking up the other way, across the square.  You can see the roads aren't very wide. The driver of a German touring coach managed to cause chaos, by driving his coach through the village round the bends, holding up cars coming the other way.  It was quite tight in places!

Well I am going to leave you here for tonight, and next time we'll head round the coast some more.             Talk again soon.




Katrina said...

I'm catching up as I haven't been looking at many blogs recently, general house stress!
I hope you can get your photos back again, that must be driving you mad. We went to Cornwall about 15 years ago, I love it but we did have a lot of rain, so didn't see as much as we had hoped. Hoping to go again sometime!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Hi Katrina, I can understand the house stress. Hope you get through it quite quickly.
I loved the little bit of Cornwall I saw, and would love to go back too. I am so hoping that I can get my photos back. They have to be somewhere! - and yes it is driving me mad not having them!