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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hey! What about this then?

Hey!  Hope you like my new look page!  It's all down to my friend Mary of Mary’s Mixes.  She's my guru when it comes to anything I don't know or remember how to do on the computer.  So Mary, big hugs and millions of thankyou's.  I've learned a few things in Windows 8 that I never knew about, because I tend to work on a Need to Know basis, whereas Mary plays about with things, clicking and right- clicking on icons and backgrounds, studying the screen for what else comes up on it!  I really must try that myself!  She's has made me an Email Me envelope for the side bar too, so if you can't comment via the Comments tag, you can always email me via the envelope!  I love to get your replies, and will add them to the comments box myself so you can see what others are saying.  I will delete any advertising spam, so if you are thinking of doing that, spammers, think again.  It won't be worth your time!

Talk again soon.


Mary said...

Thank you for the mention... xxx

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

You are so welcome, Mary. You've really been brilliant with your help, not to mention time! Just one thing I realised, the envelope is connected to the old email address!!! Didn't notice till this morning!