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Sunday, 20 January 2013


I haven’t been doing too much lately except working on various family trees – not mine this time  - and trying to sort out stuff I don’t need and can take to the charity shop!  I’ve also been out for lunch with friends, at the new visitor centre at Abbotsford House, home of Scottish 19th century novelist, Sir Walter Scott.  abbotsford under scaffolding Jan2013The house itself is undergoing some refurbishment at the moment so is covered with scaffolding but here’s how it looks anyway!   You really will have to click the photo to see it better!  eildon from abbotsford

In the opposite direction you get a view of just one of the Eildon Hills.  It wasn’t the nicest of days as you can see, but I liked the composition!     sunset peebles high street I had the camera with me late one afternoon as I was coming along the High Street, and realised that the days are lengthening already.  A month ago it would have been dark by 4.20.daffs

And look what are pushing up through the snow.  My daffodils are looking good.  Another couple of months and they’ll be in flower.  I was on my way out to take a walk over Tweed Bridge and along the Green.tweed green This is looking down  at Tweed Green from the bridge, and for once, my house isn’t hidden behind a tree!  Well, I made sure it wasn’t!

pbls bridge and church There are steps down to the riverside from the far side of the bridge, from where you can look up to the parish church tower, or across the river to the Green, both nice viewstweed green2.




I walked in the snow along the riversidepbls tweed green looking back now and again to the bridge, the church and the houses along Tweed Green,

priorsford bridge2and crossed the river again at Priorsford footbridge.  It’s not a long walk back along the Green.tweed green5

In days gone by people who lived on the Green were permitted by a local by-law to hang their washing, their laundry, on washing lines attached to these poles alongside the path.  Actually, technically, one still can use these washing poles, but no-one does now!

So after my walk in the cold I headed to Pam’s tearoom for a hot cup of tea and a treacle scone, oven door robin filterand who did I see hopping around the courtyard outside?   I love to get photos of robins!  The picture turned out a bit blurred so I played with it a bit and added a filter to improve it.  Isn’t he cute!

Talk again soon.


Mary Ann said...

Oh my goodness, a ROBIN in January! I love your walks, they show me things I'll never see in person.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Hi Mary Ann, yes, robins in January! Our robins are predominantly seen in winter, which is why they are all over our Christmas cards in the snow!!!
Glad you are enjoying my walks! Today it is quite windy and blizzarding snow so I'm going nowhere!

Peggy said...

Isn't that strange you have the robins in winter and ours head south or somewhere here! I want to live in Peebles! It's so lovely. I guess a girl can dream:)

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Hi Peggy
I think our robins are always around but you just don't see as much of them in the summer. Of course your robins are different birds to our little critturs.
Yes, Peebles is a lovely place to be. I am utterly attached to it!

Katrina said...

I'm really looking forward to visiting Peebles, how far is it to Abbotsford from there, I've never been. I've seen robins in July in Fife!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

And I'm looking forward to you visiting Peebles, Katrina. Abbotsford is about 15 miles from here. The house should be open again in early summer, after all the refurbishments have been done.

Someone told me that you don't see robins very often in the summer because they lose their tail feathers and tend to hide away. Ah yes, found it here http://www.garden-birds.co.uk/birds/robin.htm Scroll down to Voice. I think it would have been a young robin you saw.